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Letters for Juliet

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Letters for Juliet is a romantic comedy ideal for those who are looking for a relaxing and distracting time. Sophia is recognizes for being an excellent editor, but her dream is to become a writer. Victor, Sophie's fiance, is a cooking chef that is too busy to devote himself to anything other than his work. The couple decides to make a pre-honeymoon in Italy, but even there, Victor is much more interested in finding suppliers for his restaurant, leaving Sophia aside.

While walking alone through the streets of Verona, city famous for the romantic story of Romeo an Juliet, Sophie discovers a group of people who respond to letters, left in walls, by those who are seeking advice on love. Hidden between the bricks of the wall, the girl finds a letter written 50 years ago by Claire, who at that time was a 15 year old teenager, who fell in love with a Italian boy, but was too scared to start a relationship. Sophie decides to answer the lost letter and this is when the movie starts to become really intriguing. Claire is encouraged by the writer, that believes true love never dies, and now, aged 65, decides to look for the person she never forgot. This happening trigers a series of events that will change all the lives of those involved in the story.

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